Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So much to do!

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There is so much to think about. If we are going to move to Norway in the next year, we have a lot to figure out! Should we sell or rent our house? I would like to rent it, but is that crazy? Also, we own my mom’s house and will be managing it from afar. I guess we’ll have to figure out taxes and all of that too. We have 2 cars and I would like to bring them both…cars are really expensive in Norway. But I don’t know if the cost with taxes, and licensing fees will be so expensive that it isn’t worth it. I need to figure out how much everything is going to cost! We have 2 cats and 2 dogs too… that’s certainly going to be challenging and expensive. I wonder if my kids will find it easy to learn Norwegian. They’ve been visiting Norway all of their lives, but they haven’t learned much of the language. Will they be able to learn Norwegian in Norwegian schools without falling behind? I hope their transition will be easy and painless. There is so much more to think about. We’re excited though, and I think we’re definitely up for the challenge and the change. It will be good for us.


  1. Positive thoughts girl! - start teaching them Norwegian now... easier if they have the basics down. When my son was little we had Norwegian movies.. videos.. etc & my husband spoke Norwegian to him.. he had no problem starting school here. Good luck!

  2. My two cents on the cars: sell them and buy in Norway. As hard as it is to fork over the cash for a new car in Norway, the taxes on importing a car--even one that you own 100% outright--is generally 100-110% the VALUE OF THE CAR. So, you are essentially buying your car all over again. These are new rules in the last 5+ years, so anyone who moved earlier than that will certainly tell you to import your car. Not so easy, or so smart, now.

    The dogs and cats will be generally easy--as long as you can find their chip. All of our papers were in order when we moved with our dog, which is a headache, but the "international chip scanenr" couldn't find our dog's chip. It had migrated. She had to stay in isolation at the airport for a few days until a vet cleared her. I blogged about our moving experience at our blog.

    Good luck with the move! It's certainly an adventure!

  3. Wow!!! Thank you so much, this is great advice!
    I'm going to go and read your blog now.

  4. I think the kids will pick it up just fine! I've heard that lots of schools have quite a bit of support for kids with Norwegian as a second language.
    If they're at all techy try downloading BYKI Norwegian - it's a flash card programme that teaches vocab really fast. There is a free version online.

  5. Great idea! I forgot... I used to use BYKI and it's a really great little tool! Thanks!!!