Thursday, August 29, 2013

The war on women always takes precedent


Here we are, on the brink of possibly heading into another war; a war in which we would fight alongside Al Qaeda. Surreal. The implications are terrifying, and it’s serious. Could we be on the brink of World War III?  Well, what I am hearing most about is how disappointed everyone is in Miley Cyrus. Don’t we collectively have more important things to worry about? Is the way a 20-year-old girl behaves at a music video awards program really that important that it must consume our thoughts and take up so much space on the Internet? Besides, it sort of feels like everyone is basically fanning the fire on the war on women. “Dudes” have been acting like Miley basically forever. Guys make obscene gestures, catcalls, and basically walk around being led by their male organ rather than some semblance of a brain (I’m not talking about all men here… just generalizing a bit). How many men have walked up onto a stage and made lewd gestures while singing about bitches and ho’s and what their going to do to them, and how they can “tame” them, or give them what they really want, or fuck them until they hurt. You can hear this type of sentiment all the time, but it’s okay. We don’t really pay a lot of attention to it. Is this because it’s okay? No, it’s not okay, but it’s an accepted behavior. Like frat guys who prey on women and get away with it because boys will be boys.

Miley Cyrus goes onstage, acts like an idiot, (but I don’t like current popular music anyway) acts like a man, dare I say, and the whole world blows up into frenzy because of it. Seriously? I’m really not defending her per say, but seeing her as an example of the hypocrisy. To me, we are just feeding into the obsession with keeping women down. She should have been more proper and poised, more ladylike and moral. Hmm… So why do we not have the same standard for male pop stars who basically do the same thing? Because, we have collectively agreed as a culture that men can behave like cavemen, but women need to be proper and a bit classier. Oh, and if you wear that skin colored bikini, you are a stripper, a whore, and you are asking to be raped.  Not to mention, the entire population of the United States is going to be disappointed in you.

Meanwhile, innocent people are dying in the middle east, the biggest chemical weapons attack in 25 years has taken place, our government is broken and it’s spying on its citizens, whistle blowers are not being protected but being punished, and people all over the country are fighting for their right to vote, get birth control, get health care and have a decision over what they have the right to do if they get pregnant, etc. 

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